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Francisco T.

My boys 7 &14 yo. have been training jiu jitsu at Six Blades for over a year now. Bringing our boys to learn and train here has been one of the best choices my wife and I have ever made for them. Our boys have become so much more happy, strong, confident, and disciplined. In the words of our 7 yo. “Jiu-Jitsu is my life!” When you come here be prepared to gain an extended family.

Spencer F.

If you’re a beginner looking to try jiu jitsu for the first time or a seasoned competitor looking to up your game, Six Blades Lake Travis is the perfect place for you. They have jiu jitsu courses designed to fit your level of jiu jitsu. The facility is clean, the environment is friendly, and the staff is awesome. The instructors are very knowledgable and fantastic teachers who show what they teach in class out on the competitor stage. I’d give this place more then 5 stars but Google wont let me.

Abby N

A great environment conducive to growing both physically and mentally. Coaches are hands on and always available to help in any way. Highly recommend! .

Eugene B.

Victors instruction on leg locks is the best lesson I have had this year. Top notch. I immediately applied his strategy into my game.

Serena L.

I cannot recommend these guys highly enough! They are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They have created an environment that my daughters LOVE, and that is beneficial for people of all skill sets - from elite athletes to bumbling beginners like me. I am so grateful to have Six Blades in our community, and my entire family is better because of them!

Alana L.

If you are looking more for of a competition focus, Victor and Steve both are active competitors so they have lots of experience.

Jeff Glover

Nobody knows how to roll with small people like Victor Hugo. I was so impressed with our roll how gentle and technically sound he was.

Jesse M.

I have trained jiu jitsu before but when I started with Steve and Victor it was very different. Every time I train, I leave feeling like I gained a building block. Something solid that I could build from. Not a "move" but a foundational piece for what will become a solid future structure of a sound jiu jitsu practice. Their passion for jiu jitsu is infectious and they make you want to be better. I don't believe you can ask for more from a teacher than a genuine desire to see you be your best self, and that is exactly what you get from Steve and Victor.

Dave D.

Victor is so humble and technical and his teaching ability is remarkable. I learned more in the time he spent teaching the seminar than the whole time I have been learning, it is a great honor to learn from him.